Nordak Urthadar


Nordak is a Goliath, born in a tribe living in a prosperous valley located to the north part of the continent.

Goliaths have skin hard as rock and they are famous for their phisycal strenght and resistence; their clans forge the best and the strongest warriors of the whole Continent by testing the childs in deadly challenges; only the bravest and the strongest survive, being accepted as warriors, protectors of their lands.

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When you buy one of my 3d models you receive the RAR package containing files ready for 3d printing in .stl format, the standard for 3d printing industry. They may be split ( for large models) or in one piece; the base will be always a separate piece and will be provided as well.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All the files in this page are for PERSONAL USE, selling or distributing them is forbidden as well as using the printings for mold and casting productions.

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