Female Goblin


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One day… when you will grow, I will tell you how Goblins born… for now, I will just kick you in the face!

A very polite Female Goblin, 28 mm miniature with choice of different weapons

Included you will get:

  • 28 mm Female Goblin
  • 25mm base
  • Stab knife
  • Short sword
  • Sling

The miniature may need epoxy/super glue to fix the weapons.

Grey Resin is an ideal material for 3D printing figurines and miniatures. A high level of details allows to bring life in any of your characters. Grey Resin is also perfect for painting and can print even small figurines maintaining incredible quality. ABS-Like Resin is the tougher version to give your miniature the sturdiness required to stand any Ork bashings!

3dprinting by Shop3d


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