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My Name is Fabio “Schizzo” Rizzo, I am based in Rome, Italy, where I work as freelancedigital miniatures sculptor.I developed my knowledge with a self-taught approach based on years of study and practice about miniature sculpting in both traditional and digital way. I soon realized that digital workflow and potential would fit me and my clients needs better so I started studying Zbrush as long as giving an eye on traditional pillars like anatomy, composition and proportions.Along all the courses I attended since today I had the chance to work for tabletop companies taking part to different successful kicktarters; I am currently running a Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/fabioschizzo) in wich I am experiencing sculpting a fantasy tabletop line based on my Patrons feebacks.I love working in team, satisfy clients and taking part to ambitious projects.Everyday is a chance for a new challenge!!

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